Anglais 2

Anglais 2
1ere Année TCH, 1ere Année TCT
2ème semestre
Raja Jendoubi


The students will be able to do the following:

  1. Communicate clearly, effectively, and respectfully in a variety of types of speeches.
  2. Use the language accurately and fluently.
  3. Understand different types of linear and nonlinear reading passages.
  4. Be familiar with the history of tourism and the most influential pioneers of tourism.
  5. Be familiar with the accommodation industry.
  6. Be familiar with the food service industry.
  7. Gain increased confidence in the ability to speak in public, as evidenced by decreased anxiety and improved physical and vocal delivery.
  8. Incorporate effective audiovisual materials in speeches when appropriate.
  9. Take part and communicate effectively in group discussions.
  10. Be able to write complaint letters, describe places and processes , write emails , give arguments and expose problems.


CHAPITRE 5: Tour operators

SECTION 1 : The role of a tour operator
1.1 : Focus on reading skills: skimming and scanning
1.2 : Reading non-linear documents: reading a diagram and analyzing data
1.3 : Modal auxiliaries: expressing different degrees of certainty ( may, might, can, could, must) in the present and past.

SECTION 2 : What services do tour operators provide?
2.1 : writing emails using formal English.
2.2 : Defining and summarizing
2.3 : New lexis

CHAPITRE 6 : The accommodation industry

SECTION 1 : Hotel types and services
1.1 : Front office/ back office services
1.2 : reading and replying to complaint letters
1.3 : The use of the active/passive forms of verbs

SECTION 2 : Room equipment
2.1 : count /non-count nouns and singular and plural forms of nouns.
2.2 : Phrasal verbs.